Cutting machines

With integrated electrical cabinet and hydraulic system or completely pneumatic for the smallest version.

The Hydraulic Bale Cutter

The hydraulic drive system effortlessly guides a knife between two column guides, cutting rubber bales cleanly. The conveyor belt transports bales to the knife, stopping automatically for accuracy. Operate the cutter through the touchpad interface connected to the machine. Easily maneuver the machine for efficient cutting. Post-cut, the bales slide down a chute into a collecting container or onto a conveyor belt for straightforward handling. Experience dry-state cutting of natural rubber bales without water addition. Choose a cutting width between 600-1200 mm to suit different rubber types.

Cutting forces: 30kN, 100kN and 200 kN

The Agila Pneumatic Bale Cutter

The Agila Pneumatic Bale Cutter is a user-friendly solution for cutting polymer and rubber bales. Efficiently cut and slice through bales with ease using the pneumatic system. The two-hand safety operation enhances user safety during the cutting process. The feeding tunnel and knife cover further contribute to operator convenience and safety.

Experience a seamless balance of efficiency and safety with the Agila Pneumatic Bale Cutter, your reliable choice for bale cutting in polymer and rubber applications.

Cutting forces: 30kN, 100kN and 200 kN

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