Production mills

Agila production mills mix, knead, cool down, plasticize and color rubber and plastic compounds. The materials are then drawn into sheets or strips for production of finished products. The mills feature hydraulic nip adjustment and polished rollers that consist of a very hard, high-quality material. The rollers can be peripherally drilled or cored, depending on the application. Standard mills feature intuitive manual controls via the touch panel. There are hardware buttons for the most important features. Optionally, for certain mixtures a crossblender for automatic mixing can be supplied with programmable cycles. The drive system can be electromechanical with cardan shafts or with motorreductors mounted directly to the roller. Alternatively, hydraulic motors or hydrostatic drive can be used.


  • Superior temperature control because of the peripherally drilled rollers
  • Very robust construction to be able to handle the toughest compounds
  • Electromechanical or compact hydraulic drive
  • Infinitely adjustable friction 0,50-1,50
  • Hydraulic nip adjustment
  • Roller diameters 400, 500, 550, 600, 650 and 750 mm
  • Ergonomic movable control panel
  • Optional data logging capabilities

Standard sizes

  • WW400x1000
  • WW450x1200
  • WW500x1300
  • WW550x1500
  • WW600x1800
  • WW650x2100
  • WW750x2500

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